Welcome to Xiao’s Graphics Depot.

Originally created in 2017, the goal of the Graphics Depot is to make Graal Military and other Graal graphics easily accessible to everyone. At one point, it was common to see graphics traded as a commodity and hidden in password-protected archives. I believe that all unused Graal Military graphics should be published in order to fuel to creative machine of the GMC.

Here you will find a wealth of Graal Military graphics, as well as other heads, bodies, and miscellaneous Graal graphics. You can submit graphics for the site via Discord at Xiaoguard#0601.

If your graphics are on this website and you would like to have them removed, please contact me via Discord. I am happy to oblige all removal requests from the original creators of the graphics.

Be sure to check out wiki.graalmilitary.com to learn about the history of the Graal Military community.

Check again soon for more updates!