Welcome to the Winry Memorial Graphics Library

Originally created by Xiaoguard in 2017, the goal of the Graphics Library is to make Graal Military graphics easily accessible to everyone. Throughout the early years of the community, it was common to see graphics traded as a commodity and hidden in password-protected archives. We at the Society believe that as much Graal Military graphics as possible should be published in order to fuel the creative machine of the GMC. Here you will find a wealth of Graal Military graphics, as well as other heads, bodies, and miscellaneous Graal graphics.

On February 11th 2021, the Graal Historical Society adopted a resolution to rename this website from “Xiao’s Graphics Depot” to “Winry Memorial Graphics Library” to commemorate Winry, a pioneer in military graphics and Queen of The State.

Be sure to check out wiki.graalmilitary.com to learn about the history of the Graal Military community.

NOTICE: The Graphics Depot is administered by the Graal Historical Society. All graphics on this website are either publicly available or appear with consent from the artist. The Society does not and has never used iFile, pay-for-access, or other malicious means of obtaining files. If your graphics are on this website and you would like to have them removed, please let us know in our Discord.